Sports Flooring

In a gym or pitch, any athlete will tell you that sports flooring is important. The grip of the ground beneath them will either support or inhibit their abilities. A well done sports flooring will enable the sports to be played at their best, whereas a badly done sports flooring can go as far as to  possibly even injure the players. Sports flooring needs to be firm and anti-slip in order to ensure the games are played to their full potential, and with the greatest safety guarantee that a floor can offer.

Sports Hall Flooring

Sports hall flooring should be easy to clean – what with the blood, sweat and tears of a healthy lifestyle being poured into them on a daily basis.  Safety is also key for a sports hall flooring. It is impossible to ignore the fact that one needs to have a strong non-slip surface in a sports hall. Sports hall flooring should be longer-lasting and more durable than a regular flooring, as it gets a heavy amount of use with running shoes and the pounding of equipment. There are many factors to consider, but quality is paramount.

Luxury Design Floors are also exclusive suppliers of BOEN Sports flooring.

Speak to us at Luxury Design Floors for more information about our quality sports hall flooring options.

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