School Flooring

Schools and creches need to consider a number of factors when deciding on flooring. They must think about the safety, hygiene and cleanliness, but also a level of color, personality and a fun design for the floor.

The cost of school flooring is also a concern for schools that are perhaps finding it difficult to split their costs across the campus, delivering the best education for their pupils as possible. The cost for school flooring should be the least of their worries – long lasting, and not too taxing on the budget.

When choosing school flooring, it is important to consider firstly the safety and accident avoidance. Anti-slip properties are vital for any school flooring. Many feet will be treading the floors, so it’s important as well that the flooring be durable, and able to last years of wear and tear. Schools are often busy places with many other costs to consider; a floor being cost-effective, as well as long-lasting, is vital.

Creche Flooring

Creche flooring, on the other hand, requires many of the same features, but also a few additional considerations when making your decision. It’s important that anti-slip be the number one priority for keeping young children safe. Creche Flooring should be visually interesting and fun so that kids enjoy their first school experience and are visually and mentally stimulated. You should also consider factors of hygiene and easy cleaning. This is particularly important when dealing with younger children and creche flooring.

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