Hardwood Flooring

Today, hardwood flooring is far from lacking in popularity, however, in the past, hardwood floors have not always been an instant hit. Throughout its journey to becoming considered one of the most elegant and sought after types of flooring available, hardwood flooring has had some ups and downs.

Hardwood floors were originally introduced in medieval times as a type of flooring used for multi-story buildings and usually consisted of two-foot wide planks of elm or oak. Later, wealthy Europeans began using fine wood flooring. Parquet wood flooring became very popular, but its price prohibited most of the middle class from its purchase. Since North America had more available timber, hardwood floors were offered at a much fairer price. Unsanded, unfinished pine planks were common (technically considered softwood).

In the late nineteenth century, hardwood flooring went into mass production. However, due to lack of knowledge about proper installation and lack of proper sealers and finishes available, it was perceived to have a lack of longevity. Carpet quickly overtook hardwood flooring in the market and was commonly installed over hardwood. Over the years, hardwood installation techniques have been refined and innovative sealers and finishes have been introduced to the market. The result is hardwood flooring that can now last a lifetime when properly installed and cared for. That, combined with a modern day consumer’s desire for an easier to clean alternative to carpet, has led to hardwood flooring’s popularity.

With tons of different species, shades, and other unique characteristics available, you can use the beauty of classic hardwood flooring to compliment nearly any décor.

Here at Luxury Design Floors we are the Hardwood Flooring Professionals we Service residential and commercial clients throughout Ireland, Munster, Leinster, Connacht and Ulster including Dublin, Limerick, Cork, Tipperary, Kerry, Waterford and Galway.

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